October 17, 2019

How Google Works with Eric Schmidt & Jonathan Rosenberg & Marrissa Mayer

Published on Oct 15, 2014
Google Executive Chairman and ex-CEO Eric Schmidt and former SVP of Products Jonathan Rosenberg came to Google over a decade ago as proven technology executives. At the time, the company was already well-known for doing things differently, reflecting the visionary— and frequently contrarian—principles of founders Larry Page and Sergey Brin. If Eric and Jonathan were going to succeed, they realized they would have to relearn everything they thought they knew about management and business.

In their new book, “How Google Works,” Schmidt and Rosenberg pull back the curtain on the company that has changed the way we work and redefined what it takes to be successful in today’s business environment. The authors offer unprecedented access to Google’s practices and the philosophies that define its unique culture, values and strategies.

Our moderator tonight, Marissa Mayer, knows a bit about how Google works, as she spent 13 years there, holding numerous positions including engineer, designer, product manager and executive, before departing to become President and CEO of Yahoo.

This event is part of the Museum’s acclaimed Revolutionaries speaker series, featuring renowned innovators, business and technology leaders, and authors in enthralling conversations often with leading journalists.

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