October 17, 2019

Jeff Bezos on Leadership

George W. Bush Presidential Center’s Forum on Leadership  | April 26, 2018

“I’ve won a lot of lotteries. Amazon is one.  ”

With so many businesses across Amazon, what are the common aspects across all the businesses? 

  • Customer Obsession: The first and most important aspect for us is customer obsession. We talk about it as opposed to being competitor focused. Competitors you can surpass but customers are always discontent and always want more.
  • Eagerness to Invent:  To build something differentiated you have to experiment.
  • Long-term thinking: Be patient and take time. For Amazon, Bezos says that is a 5-7 year time frame.
  • Operational Excellence/Professionalism: Build processes to identify defects and fix defects.

How do you go about making a Day One culture?

  • Make sure to not over-model reversible decisions with heavy weight processes.

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